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Introducing Gatsby Theme Shopify Manager

20 May 2020 / 1 min read

The easiest way to build a Shopify store on Gatsby.

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Sell things fast with Gatsby and Shopify

23 Apr 2020 / 8 min read

A starting guide to building a lightning-fast Shopify store on Gatsby. ⚑

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How to prepare and use variable fonts on the web

27 Jan 2020 / 6 min read

A primer on subsetting, formatting, and CSS font features.

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Introducing 2.0 in 2020

09 Jan 2020 / 3 min read

The next version of thetrevorharmon.com

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Binary Thinking vs Directional Thinking - @DanielPriestley

24 Oct 2019 / 1 min read

Daniel Priestley: The only way forward in this transformational time is to make decisions that are mostly right…

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