Photo: iPhone Wallpaper - Help Gather Israel - Forest

"Help Gather Israel" Phone Wallpapers

31 Jan 2021

A series of phone wallpapers that I created as part of an initiative at church. I tried to create three visually distinct wallpapers so that…

Photo: Something New Album Cover

"Something New" Album Cover

06 Dec 2019

Sweet Honey 6: Final Album art

"Sweet Honey" Cover Art

01 Feb 2019

postcard - ocean - front

Tourist Postcards

04 May 2018

MB&T - Rexburg show

Concert Flyers

24 Mar 2018

"Juneau" Album Cover

"Juneau" Print Design

12 May 2017

"The Backyard EP" Album Art

"The Backyard EP" Album Cover

15 Dec 2015

Never Stop Album Cover

"Never Stop" Cover art

01 May 2019

Hey Hey Hey Remix Album Art

"Hey Hey Hey" Album Art

10 Aug 2018

Are You A Tourist? Poster - Callout

Are You a Tourist? Posters

01 May 2018

Santa Barbara Session Album Cover

"Santa Barbara Sessions" Album Cover

23 Mar 2018

MB&T "I Am a Tourist" Tee Shirt

I Am A Tourist Tee

14 Apr 2017